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The world of work bags that are both functional and fashionable. These are laptop backpacks that can store all you need to get through a day at the workplace while also looking stylish enough to wear out after hours. What makes a backpack ideal for commuting differs from what makes a typical rucksack ideal, so here are some features to look for:

Materials to Think About

In a business setting, what you carry needs to look the part – whether it’s a tote bag or a backpack, neutral hues and clever, low-key designs all help to establishing an impression of trustworthy professionalism.

The materials used in a bag have a significant impact on its overall appearance and functionality. When it comes to a work bag, you want to look for materials that are very wearable; that is, materials that reflect your career and how you go about your day.

Here are some popular sorts of materials that work well with a professional-looking bag, depending on your profession:


Leather is a classic material that adds a luxury and fashionable touch to any commuter backpack. Leather bags have been tried and tested in the corporate world for years, so a leather backpack may help you blend right in with a rich history of elegance.

Leather is more expensive to create and make in a backpack than other sorts of bag materials because it does not come on a roll like other types of bag materials. Leather bags also take more craftsmanship, so expect to pay more for a leather laptop backpack than you would for a backpack made of knitted materials.

Polyester & Nylon

Nylon and polyester are excellent materials since they are simple and long-lasting while maintaining a quality appearance. Both are classic backpack and bag fabrics (Prada and Longchamp have legendary nylon bags), and they’ll last a long time without ripping, tearing, or pilling. Tumi is well-known for inventing a form of nylon known as ballistic nylon, which is noted for its exceptional strength and durability.

Materials that are Heathered and Variegated

Wool and denim are both instances of this, as they are utilised in daily products such as shirts and pants. A heathered or variegated fabric will fit a specific aesthetic and career because it will match the apparel you currently own, giving you a consistent look from head to toe. Incase and Timbuk2 are two brands that use incredibly wearable materials.

Objects to Avoid

Canvas made of cotton

Cotton canvas is commonly found in many daypacks and schoolbags (such as Jansport and Herschel), and the unprofessional appearance of the material might give off an unprofessional impression. Canvas is also not very water resistant (although some bags may apply a layer of coating to the canvas), and it’s a fine fabric that’s more prone to tears and rips.

Linings that are noisy and thin

If you’re at a meeting and need to grab something out of your bag, the last thing you want is for the crunchy sound that a backpack’s lining can produce to draw attention to you. Linings made of cheaper, thinner materials are more likely to make noises, whereas linings made of thicker materials are less likely to do so. ‍

What To Look For In Features & Functionality

A padded laptop compartment is a must-have if you’re taking your laptop or tablet to and from work. The best backpacks will have extra cushioning underneath the laptop sleeve and plenty of space to keep your Macbook or iPad secure.

Check if the padding in the laptop pocket extends all the way to the bottom of the bag or if there is a few inches of space between the laptop sleeve and the bottom of the bag when assessing a laptop bag.

Extra points for a padded laptop sleeve that stays in a section separate from the backpack’s main compartment, allowing you to conveniently access your computer without having to rummage through your other stuff.

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